Best Xiaomi Mi 6 Cases Reviews and Prices

Best Xiaomi Mi 6 Cases

Chinese giant has just released its next flagship device Xiaomi Mi 6 is the global market. Like all the previous version, it is likely to touch the sky high sale. Are you looking for the best Xiaomi Mi 6 phone cases? With plethora of options it becomes a tad difficult to chose a right device for your device.

Xiaomi recently teased the Mi 6, and a lot of hype has already been built around it. With another flagship model in the making, people are already getting ready to change out their Mi 5. Along with the new model, will comes new phone cases by different manufacturers. We can expect to see various types of cases, which are previously made for Mi 5, being readapted for the new flagship Mi 6. Some of the popular Xiaomi Mi 6 cases, which will be available for the flagship model are mentioned below.

Top Cases for Xiaomi Mi 6

Let’s check top cases for Xiaomi Mi 6 devices.

Ringke [FUSION] Crystal Clear PC Back TPU Bumper Cover for Xiaomi Mi 6

tpu bumper case for xiaomi mi 6

The Ringke Fusion is the perfect phone case that offers extreme level of protection to the device. The case comes proofed with Drop Protection/Shock Absorption Technology, and is elegant to look at. It fits in the phone perfectly, without any issues. The ports and buttons can all be accessed with ease as dust caps come attached with the case. To access the ports, all you need to do is pull open the caps, and plug in the wire. The cuts out are extremely precise, and smooth edges are made so that one can push the buttons with comfort.

Along with this, the phone comes with a shock absorption bumper design, so you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone anymore. This case is arguable one of the best Xiaomi Mi 6 cases that will become available in the market. It can be bought on Amazon, by following this link. The case is available for as low as $11.99.

BRILA® crystal clear Xiaomi Mi 6 case

xiomi mi 6 case

The BRILA Crystal Clear Case is made from premium TPU material, crystal clear and soft, and feels extremely comfortable when held in hand. It has a slim structure, and perfectly fit in your phone. There are fine cut outs made for button and port access. It is a durable bumper case, anti-deformation, long-lasting, and shock resistance.

Moreover, free replacement is offered for this case. The case is good for users, who do not want to hide the beauty of their device, and yet protect it with a case. The case is easy to grip on, and provides good security to the device. It feels easy to carry and store in your pocket, as its extremely light and thin, but it’s far from slippery.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 cases will soon be available on Amazon and one can look into the cases by following this link. The case is available for $7.89.

[Bracevor] Premium PU Leather Case for Mi 6

Premium PU Leather Case for mi 6

The Bracevor Premium PU Leather case is an extremely well-built case. It Glistening Deluxe Leather surface offers your phone a rich, and enhanced look. The phone looks good while held in hand, and offers extreme comfort to the user. The surface is not slippery, and the grip is pretty good. The case also offers storage options to its users, and comes with case card slots, which can be used to store credit cards, IDs, money etc.

For closure, the case includes a gentle and firm magnetic clasp to secure the case. The case is opened and closed almost immediately, and the magnetic touch is quite pleasant. The case can also be made into a stand by folding your case outwards, it will provide support to your phone so that you can easily watch a video or movie hands-free. The Bracevor Premium PU Leather Xiaomi Mi 6 cases will be available soon, for more details regarding the case, follow this link. The premium leather case is available at $14.99.

Ougger Extreme Protection [Kickstand] Shock Absorption Armor Case for Xiaomi Mi 6

If you are someone who drops the phone quite a lot, and needs a solid protection case, then the Ougger Kickstand Shock Absorption Armor case is made for you. The case is made up of a uni-body and dual-layered design that includes a TPU inner core, plus a contemporary hard shell crafted out of Polycarbonate. The light composite case features a soft impact resistance core, and a hard outer shell. Moreover, a built-in kickstand is offered for hands free viewing expeience. Precise cut outs are made in the case for accessing the buttons and ports easily.

Alongside this, the case is lightweight, and does not feel awkward in the hand. It is slim, and fits in the phone very well. The Ougger Xiaomi Mi 6 cases will be made available in the market soon, and to check out the Amazon link page, click here. The case is available for as low as $5.99, and can be found in six different color variants.

Vinve PC Ultra Slim Protective Perfect Fit Case for Xiaomi Mi 6

The Vinve PC Ultra Slim prefect fit case is molded in to fit the phone perfect, and allows for an easy access to all the ports and buttons. The case features an ultra slim design that allows a person to use the phone as if there is no case attached to it. A perfect fit as well as low profile slim design gives the case a great grip, while making it easy to install and remove.

The case comes with a satisfactory customer service, following which, if the product fails to perform, you can get it replaced, or opt for a full refund. The case is available in three variants gold, and Vinve Xiaomi Mi 6 cases will soon be available. The case details can be looked upon by following this link. The case is priced at a price point of $6.90.

Our Take

Protective cases are of extreme important nowadays. Phones are falling from people’s hand all the time, so the need of a sturdy, efficient yet good looking case increases every time. A phone case not only protects your device, but also provides a fashion statement to it, and speaks a lot about the individual’s choice. It can also have added features, like scratch-resistance, texture for better grip, extra pockets to store things and many more. The case provides full protection to your phone. It is solid in this sense, and the front raised edges of the case allows for the screen of the phone to be protected when laid down upside down. While chosing a right Xiaomi Mi 6 case or cover, you should keep all the above factors in the mind. In our study, Armor case is very sturdy and solid. It provides protection to both device body and screen. Moreover, most of them come with a stand that helps in watching a movie. Xiaomi Mi 6 armor case is likely to be a great companion.