Best Google Pixel XL Cases/ Covers – Reviews and Price

Top 6 Google Pixel Cases

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL were recently announced, and have been the hot topic in the mobile community. The Pixel is the unofficial successor of the Nexus-line of phones, and will boast of a more premium software and hardware specs, much like Apple. However, the price of the device is well over one’s normal budget, but that’s another reason to spend some more money to protect your phone with case. The phone has already set a buzz in the smartphone industry. The Google pixel and pixel XL cases and covers have already surfaced. In fact, we are here to provide you some of the best Google pixel cases along with the covers for its elder brethren pixel XL.

While the phone has not been officially released anywhere, several cases have already popped up online. A variety of cases can be found for Google Pixel today, each with a new design, theme or style. Today, we will be listing some of the best Google Pixel cases that can best save your device, and enhance its looks further.

Google Pixel Cases/ Covers

Since the device has just been announced there are only few potential covers available online as of writing this article. In  a near futuere, you can expect more Google pixel cases to be available. As soon as we get to know about new covers, they will be included in this article. For now, we have covered 6 best Google pixel cases.

Tauri TPU Case for Google Pixel and Pixel XL

A majority of people like their cases to be simple, sleek, thing and importantly, cheap. This is where the Tauri TPU Google Pixel cases shines. The case comes in soft flexible plastic material, which does an outstanding job in protecting the phone. The case also features smooth cutouts for the ports and buttons, along with a lip, which covers over the sides of the phone for drop protection. It specifically helps in keeping the screen safe, when the phone is kept laying face-down on any rugged surface.

Moreover, the Tauri TPU is cheap, and are known to make several cases for other popular phones, such as Nexus 6P, Galaxy S7 etc. The cases can be found in 5 different color variants, and can be found for as low as $7. You can purchase the Tauri TPU Case at Amazon.

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YOUMAKER Full Body Rugged Case for Google Pixel

People who want to look for more durable material and rugged look can choose to go with the tougher Youmaker case. They have Google Pixel cases that can cover both the front and back end of the device, feature a built-in screen protector, and coverage for the ports, buttons. It is an all-in-one case that can fulfil all your demands, and can provide a great level of security to the device. Additionally, a belt holster is also provided for people who need it.

Precise cutouts are done in order to provide access to the ports, speakers, cameras and buttons. The case boasts of a dual-layered structure of premium quality shock absorbing TPU, and a durable sturdy polycarbonate provides a stronger level of protections against bumps or accidental drops.

The Youmaker Google Pixel cases are available in four different color variant, and will be available for $14.99. It can be purchased on Amazon.

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CIMO Slim Grip Case

CIMO specialize in making cases that are reasonably priced and affordable, and are best in terms of built materials. CIMO cases features durable polycarbonate hard plastic, and at the same time, integrates a softer flexible TPU. This makes the case easier to grip, and strong enough to offer a solid amount of protection. The raised bezels allow the case to protect the screen from unwanted damage, and prevent the camera from getting scratched.

CIMO Gray or Matte Black Google Pixel Cases look the best out of the various colors available. One can purchase any of them at the same price, according to their own preference or style. Additionally, the case is cheap, thin, lightweight, and pretty sturdy. The cases are available at a price point of $7.98, and can be bought at Amazon.

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LK Luxury Wallet Case

Luxury PU leather Google Pixels cases are specifically designed for the business peers, or people who want to have a little of everything. LK undoubtedly makes one of the most useful wallet cases. The LK wallet cases for the Pixel and Pixel XL are designed out of the beautiful PU leather in various colors, and a soft flexible TPU is used for the inner material to keep the phone safe. In addition to this, it is lined in microfiber to keep the screen safe when turned off.

What makes the LK leather case so outstanding is the fact that it provides users with the ability to put in up to four credit card, or ID cards, including one with a specific window for your ID, and another for putting in cash.

The entirety of the Google Pixels cases can be folded out and bend backwards to double it as a kickstand. In this position, it can securely latch close with a magnet, which means you’ll never lose on anything. It is one of the best all-in-one cases available in the market, and people need not carry their wallet anymore with this case. It is available in multitude of colors, and can be purchased at less than $10. In order to purchase the case at Amazon.

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Orzly FUSION [Anti-Shock] Bumper Case

The Orzly Fusion Bumper Google Pixel cases all feature a transparent back panel, to make the phone’s back visible. The case is designed from the fusion of elastic and durable bumper for better protection & grip of the phone. The sides wrap around the front screen and create a raised lip in order to prevent the screen from being scratched if the phone is laid down upside down, on a flat surface.

A simple slip on design allows for easy installation and removal of the case. All the ports and buttons are easily accessible, and the case offers clean cutouts for it. The Orzly Fusion Bumper Google Pixel Cases are available in 3 different color variants, and all of them can be purchased at minimal price of $6.99. The case can be purchased online at Amazon.

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The Google Pixel will hit the market soon on 24th October, while the pre-orders will begin in a few days. Following the hype in the market, Google Pixel will surely see a huge demand once released, and so will its cases. In order to grab the best Google Pixel cases, it is best to move on quickly, before the cases go out of stock.

In a near future, we shall cover few more Google pixel and pixel XL cases and covers for our viewers. In our opinion, bumper case works pretty well and offers a great protection to the mobile. Perhaps, this is the reason why we are highly recommending it to our users. Holster case is yet another addition to the cases and covers family that offers screen protection as well. Make sure you select the right cover for your device as it is going to protect your device. Pouches and wallet type cases are less famous due to less flexibility it offers.

What sort of cases do you prefer to protect your Google pixel phone?